Monday, July 22, 2013

Safety First

Today  I had the pleasure of going into Toronto to meet with Nogah Kornberg from Rotman and hash out a plan for September on how we will proceed with Integrative Thinking.  This is this first opportunity we've had to meet since June and also the first chance we've had to discuss the one-on-one interviews Nogah conducted with my students to assess the impact of our work this year. She is still in the process of transcribing the interviews but did mention two consistent sentiments that were expressed by students. The first was the incredible sense of safety they had about sharing ideas and thoughts. We managed to create a culture of trust in our classroom where all ideas were valued and worth considering.  The second was how much they valued the Finding Value in Bad Ideas activity because it caused them to become more open to all ideas and it was just so much fun.

We are looking at beginning the year with Integrative Thinking activities that help develop that culture of trust.
I feel so fortunate to be receiving this mentoring and guidance as I plan for the new school year and look forward to sharing what we develop.

Finally, the I-Think summer camp is on at Rotman and I had the good fortune of dropping in today to observe how Ellie Avishai introduces Integrative Thinking to students. I learned so much! It is always beneficial to see an experienced teacher in action on the day they are launching a concept. Those very fortunate middle and high school students are going to be ending their two weeks of camp with outstanding problem-solving skills. 

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