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Patterns, Trends and Themes

The story of Malala and Residential Schools have provided rich ground for thinking among my grade 6 students.  We held a whole class discussion to identify significant themes, patterns and trends they were beginning to see in their learning.



Below they have extracted ideas and have begun connecting
stories to key themes.



This was the conversation that exploded in Knowledge Forum, on the day Malala won the Nobel Peace Prize.  Students did not know who she was until they began researching and constructing knowledge. The arrows indicate one student building on another student’s idea.  This may include additional information, or a challenge to the idea.  With all students able to see everyone’s contributions, collective knowledge builds. This non-linear dynamic tool mimics how face to face discussions actually occurs.  This tool may look like a mind-map.  It is much more powerful.

malala kf

Finally, this is an analysis of the kinds of contributions students are making to Knowledge Forum.  We can also conduct vocabulary analysis.  As students pursue their deeper questions, one would expect certain vocabulary to begin appearing in the forum.  This tool allows us to search for that vocabulary and map its growth.


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