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Self-Assessment in a Knowledge Building Classroom

I’ve written previously that one of the important shifts I’ve made in my practice is understanding that I teach thinking and creativity through the academic disciplines.  So while we have been learning content, the priority for learning this term has been laying a foundation for thinking.  Below is an example of a  thinking skills checklist that students can use for self-assessment.  Students are expected to explain and provide examples.


1.     I take time to activate my schema when exploring new ideas.

2.     I can explain why idea diversity is important.

3.     I can explain mental models and how they are formed.

4.     I can explain the Ladder of Inference.

5.     I can shift or maintain my position on the value line based on new information.

6.     I can propose a theory and search for information to confirm or disconfirm my idea.

7.     I can build on someone else’s idea.

8.     I recognize that opinions are formed based on information we pay attention to.

9.     I can explain Confirmation Bias.

10.   I can be supportive of someone’s half-formed idea.

11.    I recognize when I am using System 1 and System 2 thinking.

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