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A Moment to Pause and Say Thanks

As I was putting the final packages together for my workshop next Saturday,  I began to think about the many, many people who have been part of this journey into creating new models of learning and the myriad ways they have contributed to what I’ve been able to build.  I started compiling a list of who and what and how various people have helped me deepen my understanding of what it means to teach and learn.  This list is not yet complete. I owe everyone an enormous thank you.

It’s Been a Collaborative Journey!

My classroom is a place where ideas get tested and developed but this could not happen without a team of incredible people in and outside the field of education pushing pedagogy forward.  A few are found below and I owe them one enormous thank you!

My amazing students at Dundas Central – past and present – especially those who learn differently.  Your willingness to persist and explore new models of learning is changing lives. 


My fantastic colleagues at Dundas Central.

Audrey Hensen who has been part of this journey from the beginning and helped me bring Integrative Thinking to the HWDSB!  We began exploring high yield strategies together … everything changed after that.

Retired principal Barry Morlog, who said, “I don’t understand it, but if you’re telling me it’s good for kids, we’ll do it.”

The Rotman School of Management Integrative Thinking K-12 Initiative and Roger Martin who developed the theory, wrote the book and said yes to a business school entering the  K-12 arena.

  • Nogah Kornberg
  • Ellie Avishai
  • Christopher Federico
  • Josie Fung

Participants in the IThink Practicum who continue to push my thinking.  I finally understand Double Down! 

Jennifer Chan of Exhibit Change who introduced me to Design Thinking and creates the most unexpected experiences.

The original members of the Inquiry Working Group who were willing to participate in a new model of PD.

My Professional Learning Community: a global network of incredibly supportive people in and outside the field of education who share in person and through social media. You are amazing!!!!

Jeremy Brooks (also known as #reallygeekyspouse) who listens, provides feedback, ideas and fixes my technology

Dozens of individuals who make me think: Mary Ann Reilly, Lisa Noble, Andrew Campbell, Pat Venus, Jacqui Swartz, Donna Fry, Jamie Bennett, Cristina Milos, Cheryl Patterson, Jen Warren, Robert Bell, Aviva Dunsinger, Stephen Hurley, … there’s more.  I’ve just begun this list.

Jared Bennett who several years ago introduced me to “this tool called twitter. It’s new. You type only 140 characters. It’s like micro-blogging. Not sure what will become of it, but I’m trying out collaborative story writing with it.” Jared showed me the possibilities in technology.

My incredibly encouraging colleagues at the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board.

Karen Siwak,  sister and career strategist extraordinaire, who taught me how to leverage social media and laughed when I said, “How could I possibly follow more than 30 people on twitter? That’s ridiculous.”

Phil Frei who introduced us to Bridge Academy, Kenya, and who shares so readily his thinking as he engages in problem exploration and the start-up process for his next venture.

Clive Thompson, author for Wired Magazine and New York Times Magazine who visited, wrote about the magic that was happening in room 208 and featured it in talks, articles and his most recent book: Smarter Than You Think: How Technology is Changing Our Lives for the Better

Ian Chia, Esa Helttula and Cynthia Jabar who initiated that first incredible project: designing a tourism app for the town of Dundas that showed my students and I what it meant to leverage technology, connect directly with experts and contribute real knowledge to the world.

CBC Hamilton for carrying The Amaryllis.

TVO The Agenda for including our work in the Learning 2030 series.

MindShare Learn who created the Video Challenge Award that allowed us to continue amplifying our message about how learning can be different.

Canadian Education Association and the Ken Spencer Award that allowed us to fund our technology.

Melanie McBride who set me straight on game-based and student-centered learning. She doesn’t pull punches and whacks me virtually when I’ve missed a significant element of learning.  A voice I trust.

The Edcamp Toronto people who helped bring Edcamp to Canada several years ago and helped me see the power of the unconference model for learning.

Denis Maika and Elaine Hine from the LSA who introduced me to Knowledge Building and show up regularly to film in my classroom. Denis and Elaine are responsible for Ontario’s new site a fantastic resource for educators.

Media Face who capture our learning.

John Malloy, now the ADM for the Ontario Ministry of Education and former Director of the HWDSB, who ‘got it’.

Mag Gardiner, Superintendent, HWDSB who also ‘gets it’.

The parent community of Dundas Central who provide feedback and encouragement and are willing to question.

UNPLUG’D 2011 and all those who attended and shared face to face reflections on learning.

Dozens of individuals who make me think: Mary Ann Reilly, Lisa Noble, Andrew Campbell, Pat Venus, Jacqui Swartz, Donna Fry, Jamie Bennett, Cristina Milos, Cheryl Patterson, Jen Warren, Robert Bell, Aviva Dunsinger, Stephen Hurley, … there’s more.  I’ve just begun this list.

My wonderful daughters Lauren and Hannah who are forging 21st Century paths and give new meaning to the phrase ‘work ethic’ and( who are always willing to text me the password – yet again – to Netflix.)

And authors …. so many authors!

There’s more to come …

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