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Feedback from the Grade 12s

Jennifer Warren has gathered feedback from the grade 12s about our  Integrative Thinking Challenge with the grade 6s.  I haven’t even had time to write about what happened on the 2nd day, but a few things must be said.

1.  Jen and I realized the power that lies in cross-division.  We are under-utilizing students for teaching and learning.  The 12s and 6s taught each other in ways that teachers will never be able to.  It’s a completely different experience.  Watching the dynamic between the age groups was incredible.  We learned something about teaching and learning.

2.  Jen has already gathered feedback from the 12s.  She asked 3 questions.

1.  What was challenging?

2. What surprised you?

3. What did you learn?

Here are a few highlights.

  • * What surprised me the most was how smart the grade 6s were
  • * This taught me a whole different way of thinking and showed me how effective it could be; it showed that collaboration between such different ages was actually very effective (INSIGHT: “It was awesome and a lot more fun than I originally thought it would be”)
  • * I learned that it doesn’t matter how wide the age difference is, everyone has ideas that hold value and can help improve the ideas already put forth and build upon them
  • * I learned how to look at conflicts in a different way (pro pro); learned “yes and” instead of our usual “yes but”; this was a special leadership opportunity for the grade 12s
  • * How fast they were able to create ideas and put them into a solution/plan
  • * How well they were able to use the models… they were a lot more advanced than us; how excited they were to explain concepts we didn’t know and how well they were able to do that; their “yes and” thinking (which I was skeptical of because I’m not used to it) was actually how we came to our final idea and really helped building ideas

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