Don’t forget the Amaryllis


The Amaryllis used to be hosted on blogger.  Thanks to Fred Galang,  who did the design work including the logo, my blog is now on WordPress.  He can be found @NomadCreatives on twitter.   I am still in the process of updating posts, resetting links and updating and inserting photo credits. That’s a work in progress.  I hope you like the new look.  The name for my blog comes from a wonderful moment that occurred during the first year when I truly began to transform my practice.

At Christmas I was given an Amaryllis bulb kit by one of my students. I set the box aside and a few weeks ago peaked in. It had started to grow so a few of my students planted it properly and then we waited.  The growing Amaryllis was a point of discussion among my students.  We watched in excitement as the bud became larger and when the red flower was visible it was duly noted by all.  And then one day it burst into spectacular bloom.  It was beautiful. My students’ pleasure in observing this moment was very evident. The next  day a label appeared on its pot: The Class Pet – Bianca’s idea.

At March Break I took the flower home and on the first day back the children asked about our flower. I brought it back today. The original blossom is drying up, but a second bud is about to open.

This was an event of simplicity and beauty and it is this kind of moment that we risk losing when we only focus on assessment, testing and accountability. Please don’t forget the Amaryllis.