Livebinders are filing cabinets, only better!  This one can be viewed from anywhere in the world but binders can also be kept private!  We are using it to keep track of digital resources that we use in class. Find out about digital tools, how we use them as well as our PLN (our professional learning network). - fancy words for people who share learning.
Digital Media Binder:
Geography Livebinder: (statistics in real time is here)
Tech in Our Classroom:
Creative Commons Licensing:
 - this came from Susan Nesticos on Twitter - fantastic resource

Books for middle school readers


  1. Heidi thanks for sharing all of your great info. I have a third year liberal arts student doing a tutorial with me on tech in the elementary classroom - could you possibly share your LiveBinder on this with us?

  2. Hi Sally,
    You are welcome to use any of the livebinders above.

    The Tech in Our Classroom is my grade 7's project planning binder for a media literacy project they are working on and doesn't have any actual resources. Just my kids have access. Let me know if any of the other links don't work.

  3. Hi Heidi,
    Thanks a lot for that - we're looking forward to digging in :)


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