The Transformation Begins

What does it mean to be a teacher in the 21 century?  Teachers in my own board of education have been struggling with this idea for several years.  We have had a vast array of new expectations imposed upon us at an incredibly rapid pace. I have seen teachers in tears, teachers who are angry and teachers who are confused. I have been overwhelmed as I have struggled to interpret what it means to be a teacher in the 21 century. Only now am I beginning to develop a clear vision of what needs to happen.  It was only when I finally realized that I am not a teacher at all, but a learner on a journey with my students that change could begin. This is requiring me to drop all my preconceived notions (based on 20 years of teaching experience) of what a classroom should look like and how teaching and learning happen.  I am looking at teaching with new eyes and I have to say, am very, very excited by what I am seeing! I am inviting you to follow this journey as “we” renivent my classroom. 

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