And this gem …

Back in the fall, I happened to have my screen open to a page on visual notes.  A student spotted it and asked, “What’s that?”

I explained that some people prefer taking notes visually as it helps them better understand ideas.

“Can I do that?”


The next day she came in with her first visual note.

The next week she came with a Powerpoint she’d created and Proceeded to teach the class about visual note taking.

Rylee often draws while we’re learning and then returns the next day with finished notes.  They reveal deep conceptual understanding of significant ideas in our inquiries.  Educators sometimes struggle with “allow students to represent their learning in ways meaningful to them”.  This is a very clear example of why we need to encourage it.

Thank you Rylee for allowing me to share your incredible work with the world.

Photo 2015-01-19, 12 58 20 PM


Ottawa Shooting Inquiry

Photo 2015-01-19, 12 58 07 PM


Charter of Rights and Freedoms


Photo 2015-01-19, 12 57 42 PM


Immigration Inquiry


Photo 2015-01-19, 12 57 19 PM


Japanese Internment in WWII


Photo 2015-01-19, 12 57 32 PM


And this incredible one which she created as she listened to students share what they had learned from parents about grit, tenacity, perseverance and resilience.

Photo 2015-01-19, 12 56 33 PM

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