A Rubric has Emerged

From our inquiry into writing and assessment a rubric has emerged that synthesizes student ideas and curriculum expectations.




Checklist for quick reference.

Photo 2015-02-10, 4 27 31 PM

From student samples, we are beginning to develop a better understanding of what makes a level 4 text.  You can see those ideas  in the rubric as well as the text.  Below is the first piece of student writing where the class really began to understand the difference between a level 3 and 4.  Many students are now attempting to write their own answers to the question in a way that develops at argument – where the writing begins with one idea and develops towards a deeper idea.

Photo 2015-02-10, 3 12 56 PM


Below are also a few reflections on the learning that took place during this process.

Photo 2015-02-10, 3 11 28 PM

Photo 2015-02-10, 3 12 23 PM

Photo 2015-02-10, 4 43 35 PM


Photo 2015-02-10, 4 47 14 PM

Photo 2015-02-10, 4 43 35 PM


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