Empathy, Design, User Experience

In Design Thinking, empathy is required.  Designers must deeply understand the needs and experiences of the people for whom they are designing.  In grade 6 we are learning the design thinking process.  It looks easy.  It’s not.  We are, however, beginning to get the hang of it thanks to some great guidance from Nogah Kornberg of Rotman Ithink and Jennifer Chan of Exhibit Change.

In our MRI Design Challenge students must consider the needs of various stakeholders. Below are two examples of empathy.

This students made a light bulb to go inside the MRI Machine. This student realized that part of what might make the experience frightening is not having enough light.

Photo 2015-03-12, 11 54 57 AM

This student altered the mask children must wear during an MRI.  She has considered 2 people who matter: the CEO who is concerned about costs and the child who is frightened of the MRI machine.


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