Build-A-Collaborator; Build-A-Thinker; Build-A-Problem Solver

It is now only two weeks until my first workshop and I have to say I am very excited.  I’ve spent many hours exploring 4 years of work held in my blog, brain, shelves, storage tubs, and piles (those who’ve been to my classroom will understand what I mean by piles).  One of the biggest challenges has been deciding what to leave out. Nogah Kornberg has been incredibly helpful by listening and providing feedback as well as insight on how IThink approaches workshop planning. Another challenge has been figuring out how to bring together the pedagogies I draw upon: inquiry, integrative thinking, knowledge building and design thinking. I had set that goal for myself.  I was determined to tie them together in a way that is useful to those just starting out.  To do this,  I’ve had to stop and reflect upon what it is exactly that I do with those pedagogies.

A few weeks ago, an image popped into my head: Build-A-Bear. That’s what I do.  The school year for me is a journey.  We start by deconstructing the model students hold in their heads of school and then we build:



Build-A-Problem Solver

This is done, everyone should note, with varying degrees of success.  I’m not a miracle worker, after all!

My goal for attendees is to leave the day energized, excited and equipped to begin testing ideas in their own contexts. If you are interested in attending, registration closes this Friday.



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