1 Day August Workshop

After 5 years of testing ideas  in my classroom, and after the resounding success of the Spring Workshop for Educators, I am thrilled to bring a full day workshop to Ottawa on August 26.  

In this workshop I will share how I weave together integrative thinking, knowledge building, inquiry and elements of design thinking to create a culture of curiosity and deep thinking among learners. This will be hands-on, practical and provide you with techniques, strategies and also theory so you are equipped to transform learning in your own classrooms.

I am excited to begin working directly with educators and the response from small groups so far has been incredibly positive.

Heidi is such an articulate and engaging facilitator, and a perfect combination of knowledge and practice.
Her experiences as a current classroom teacher provide an important lens through which she contextualizes knowledge building and integrative thinking. Heidi will not merely provide numerous easy-to-implement class room examples; she will also often answer questions from participants by executing hands-on activities so that participants experience the answer rather than just listen to the answer. From Brock pre-service students to high school English teachers, I’ve witnessed participants becoming excited and inspired by what Heidi is doing in her class room. 

Jennifer Warren
Brock Faculty of Education I/S English Tutorial Instructor
Head of  English, DVSS Secondary School

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