Almost there! Bring IT Together 2015

It is only a few weeks until Bring IT Together, Ontario’s education technology conference.

I am thrilled to be presenting an introductory workshop on Integrative Thinking on November 4th and even more thrilled to be providing the closing keynote on November 6th. I think it’s very important that front line workers, those testing out new models of learning directly with children, have the opportunity to share our experiences and insights.  So thank you to those who’ve made my participation possible.  I am deeply grateful.

How very ironic that at a technology conference, I won’t be speaking about digital.  Instead, I’ll be addressing the gap, or what Harry Niezen referred to in our initial conversation as ‘The How”.   As children engage with digital, how do we help them become better thinkers, collaborators and problem-solvers?  I believe we have only begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible and am delighted  to share the pedagogy that I believe will cause a different kind of thinker to emerge from our schools.

See you in November!


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