Bring IT Together 2015

Bring IT Together has come and gone. I presented a half-day workshop  on Wednesday and  the closing keynote on Friday.  What a fantastic experience!  There were over 120 people at the workshop and for a Friday afternoon I was pleased with the attendance. Huge shout out to my PLN!  You were so encouraging and it was so appreciated.

A few thank yous are needed (and further down are many links)

  1.  I wouldn’t have anything to present were it not for my remarkable students who over the past few years have willingly engaged in sometimes very difficult and puzzling processes that are so very different from how school typically runs.  Your hard work is having an impact!
  2. Rotman IThink who dared venture into K-12 education bringing a set of tools and processes that allow students to delve into complexity.
  3. My remarkable PLN who read, respond, test ideas and generously take time to share face to face and in social media so all of us can become better at what we do.
  4. Conference attendees many of whom paid their own way or came in spite of the  labour situation.
  5. Conference organizers who put on a fantastic event in spite of the labour tension in the province and thought to include me.  I hope this is the start of more front line teachers receiving invitations to keynote so the remarkable work being done in Ontario classrooms is amplified.
  6. The work being done in Knowledge Building and Design Thinking which is taking learners and educators to new places.

Storify of tweets from my talk.

Where can you go to learn more about Integrative Thinking?   Rotman I Think Rotman runs a one day introduction to Integrative Thinking in February as well as a 3 day in-depth session usually at the end of August.  Rotman also works with schools and school boards to build capacity for Integrative Thinking.  They also do a fantastic job of supporting teachers testing out ideas in their classrooms.  They can be found @RotmanIThink @nogahk and @josieis on twitter

Where can you learn more about Knowledge Building? Learn Teach Lead hosts information on Knowledge Building as part of the work being done at the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat for the province of Ontario. They are @LTL_ED on twitter.  Natural Curiosity is a fantastic resource.  Also, The Jackman Lab School which operates on Knowledge Building principles, holds regular tours.

Where can I learn more about Design Thinking? There are 6 schools of thought on design thinking. The Stanford D school and IDEO are probably the most well known.  In our area we are fortunate to have @jennzia at Exhibit Change who’s been well ahead of the curve trying to help educators understand why we need to bring the principles of Design Thinking into our classrooms. Jenn hosts a podcast along with Trey Boden on design thinking called This is Iterative  Jenn and I will be running a full day workshop for educators: An Introduction to Design Thinking in the new year.  Look for it! 

Causal Models:  Peter Senge – in particular The Fifth Discipline, chapter 3

My students explain

The Institute of Play design pack for systems thinking

   Tina Grotzer at Harvard is doing outstanding work in teaching causality.

Ecomuve an immersive digital experience developed by Tina’s team at Harvard using inquiry to develop understanding of causality and complexity

The Ladder of Inference: was created by Chris Argyris

Roger L Martin and his team developed Integrative Thinking. In particular read The Opposable Mind

The HWDSB IThink initiative 

My TedX KitchenerEd talk on leveraging informal leadership and our model of PD for integrative thinking at HWDSB


I can be reached through my blog and …

If you are interested in learning more as we’ve only scratched the surface …



  • Design Thinking for Educators (full day)  coming in winter/spring 2016
  • An Introduction to Knowledge Building (half or full day)
  • Experience the Shift (full day):  How do you build a thinker, collaborator and problem-solver?
  • An Introduction to Integrative Thinking

Also, I am presenting at STAO on Nov 13 and Quest on Nov 18

I look forward to hearing from educators and admins who attended my sessions and try out ideas. Let me know how it goes – successes and flops!   Please feel free to ask questions.

Thanks! Heidi




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