Hello, It’s Been a While

This blog has been gathering virtual dust for almost 3 years now while other priorities took precedence. Since I last blogged, I’ve completed an M.Ed. in Education Leadership and Policy, and been on a 3 year secondment to the System, Planning, Research, and Innovation Division at the Ontario Ministry of Education.  That comes to an end this year.  I’ve had incredible opportunities during this time, worked with brilliant people, and learned a great deal. And now … I am finally motivated to blog again.  Over the next few months, I’ll share what I am grappling with as I continue to explore thinking and that complex, messy task of equipping children with the tools they’ll need to contend with a rapidly changing world.  As always, this blog is primarily for me – it’s how I process what I’ve experienced. If that is helpful to others, all the better.



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