Chug. Chug. Chug.

How to describe the horror of finding oneself in a ‘back to basics’ world where the priority is … drinking.

i still remember that 2 a.m. call, “We’re ok … we’ve been hit by a drunk driver.”

The absolute smallness of the grand vision.
Recalling the students I once taught. Now dead. Drunk driving … ‘accidents’.

You may not have reading support,
but when you turn 19 you can drink at
9 a.m, and buck a beer, and tailgate … woohoo!

Priorities, you know.

What civil servant had to create that briefing deck?
Wonder what the risk analysis said.
Causal model anyone?
Sorry there’s no money for middle school students who need reading intervention.
Also – bigger classes … because …

Anytime. Anywhere. Anyway. Drinking!

Emergence could be anywhere and they won’t even know to see it.

I will never forget the time a new administration came into power and had no idea how to establish authority so they created a snitch line for the public to report on teachers and then when it blew up, they tried to fix it by adding a “Tell us something good” option. LOL

Is there a snitch line to report on misplaced priorities?

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